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This Too Shall Pass

Image available in sizes 4x6, 5x7, 8x10
(if you would like a specific background color not shown contact me)

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I Believe

Such a powerful quote, especially when you think of the circumstances in which it was written. Quote available in 4x6, 5x7 or 8x10 (available in the 5 colors shown below). To download, click HERE.

January 2012 Visiting Teaching Handouts - Watchcare and Ministering through Visiting Teaching

The January 2012 Visiting Teaching Message is called, 'Watchcare and Ministering through Visiting Teaching', it's a great message to start the year off with. There were several parts which stood out to me, the main one being a quote by Eliza R Snow:

"Plead before God and the Holy Ghost to get [the Spirit] so that…  you may feel to talk words of peace and comfort, and if you find a sister feeling cold, take her to your heart as you would a child to your bosom and warm [her] up.”,

so I have created printables inspired by this, and here they are:
The article following the VT message in January's Ensign is called: "My Visiting Teachers Led Me to Jesus Christ", she talks about how 'come rain or come shine' her visiting teachers were there for her, which is I think is at the heart of Eliza R. Snow's quote, and it tied so well with the VT message in general of always being there for your sisters, that I created a printable of that quote, available in 3 colors:

I've also created these printables which I will personalize free for you, with you and your companions names and telephone numbers and alternate message (if desired), which she could keep not only as a way to know how to get hold of you, but as a reminder that 'come rain or come shine' you are there for her:

..and then from the message - one of the scriptures, which sums up why we visit teach:

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